Frequently asked questions

What colours are the ABS products avalaiable in?

Black, darker black and blacker than black.

What are my shipping time lines?

Being directly upfront and honest with this one, I work a full time job and I do my best to get product out as soon as possible, generally within a few days. If products are out of stock it generally takes me a week to replenish that item.

I ship from Canada so generally it takes approximately 5-8 business days to reach US customers. Canadian customers have generally found the product delivered in 4-5 business days.

Why White Wolf headliners and door panels?

The paper units bought today for these trucks can and have some issues.

- Paper construction is not suitable for humid conditions, moisture exposure.

- Paper units can crease during installation or become damaged from accidental impacts.

- Paper units don’t fit correctly allowing gaps around door and rear trim areas.

Why use White Wolf panels?

- White Wolf panels are ABS plastic.

- No creasing, no deterioration, no accidental blemishes.

- Easily cleaned with no fear of surface discoloration or surface marking.

- White Wolf headliners are re-profiled to better fit the cab.

- White Wolf door panels will not blemish or discolour from body oils near door / window cranks / arm rests.

- If desired ABS panels used as a Good solid, sturdy backing material for custom upholstery applications.

- If desired panels can even be painted to make your interior any colour you want.