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1950-1953 Chevrolet truck ABS Glove Box (NON GM)

1950-1953 Chevrolet truck ABS Glove Box (NON GM)

!Chevrolet truck only - Non GM) ABS plastic glove box unit that replaces the stock cardboard unit. Glove box comes fully formed and riveted together ready for installation. All required hardware for installation is included.


Please note: If you have an after market a/c or heater unit required this glove box may have fitment issues towards the rear. Owner to verify and ensure that a factory size glove box is still suitable for their application.


This item can not be rolled together with headliner kits due to its shape and not being a flat panel. This item will be shipped separately if ordered with headliner kits, door kits, or kick panel kits.

Smaller items such as cup holders can be ordered at the same time as they will fit inside the glove box for easy shipping.


Shipping of glove box is $20 usd. Please note that this ships from Canada thus the slightly higher shipping rate and longer shipping time required.



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