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Data East Jurassic Park Light Baffle Kit

Data East Jurassic Park Light Baffle Kit

Data East Jurassic Park Light Baffle set. $30


This is a baffle set for the Data East JP pinball machine.


My light baffle kits address areas on the playfield that suffer from light bleed. Light bleed happens between inserts when multiple light sources are adjacent to each and when one light is lit and the adjacent inserts glow. This kit adds separation barriers where the playfield suffers from light bleed.


All baffles are designed to work with the existing lamp sockets and hardware.


All baffles surround the inserts a full 360deg to ensure light isolation.


Baffles are designed to still allow the lamp socket to be bent back to replace burnt bulbs without removal of the baffle. **


** Note: Some baffles are made to suit lamp sockets that are lying parallel to the playfield underside, These baffles will need to be unscrewed to remove the burnt lamp from the socket. (These type of baffles do not apply to all baffle kits)


Kit installs without any additional hardware, the only tool required is a ¼” socket and about 1 hour of your time to install.


Link to video of some before and after clips


 The kit consists of


1x Center scenario baffle

1x Baffle for DNA flashers under ramp

3x Baffles for lay down flasher lamps

2x Baffles for rectangle flasher inserts

6x Large bulb cone baffles

5x Small bulb cone baffles

2x Baffles for 1 1/2" round inserts

4x Baffles for 1” round inserts

5x Baffles for ¾” round inserts

1x Printed instructions


Please note that I no longer ship without tracking. Shipping WITH tracking is $13 usd. Please note that items ship from Canada thus contributing to a slightly more shipping charge.

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