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Stern Tron Pro / LE City mod kit

Stern Tron Pro / LE City mod kit

Stern Tron Pro / LE City mod kit


This is a 4 part illuminated mod kit that brings my interpretation of 2 stand alone city towers, Flynn’s arcade / tower combo and Encom tower to your playfield.


The kit is 3d printed using a carbon fibre filament as it gives a nice satin finish to the components. The center of all towers are printed with a transparent filament allowing the kit under lighting to cast upward illuminating the components and gives off a nice grid like glow.


The kit comes with all required hardware and all that is needed is some basic tools and time to install. No non-reversible modifications have to be made to your existing components.


Kit will work with ramps that have the EL rope lighting installed.


Kit contains the following


1x Encom Tower with led lighting

1x Flynn’s arcade / tower combo with led lighting

2x City towers with led lighting

1x printed instructions


Shipping WITH tracking is $13 usd. Please note that items ship from Canada thus contributing to a slightly more shipping charge.

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